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Call PAKISTAN from the UK » from 0p/min

Make fantastic savings when calling abroad to landlines and mobiles in the Pakistan, by using the access number below. Fantastic Discount Calls abroad from the UK to Pakistan.


1. Dial the access number for Pakistan from your Three PAYG or contract mobile(see below).
2. Dial your international number in full (including 00)*
3. It's that simple. You're connected. Try it now!

Call Rate Access Numbers
Pakistan landlines
13p per minute (or FREE with inclusive 0870 minutes)
0870 175 7609
Pakistan Mobiles
13p per minute (or FREE with inclusive 0870 minutes)
0870 175 7609

When you dial our 0870 access number, if you have a call plan with 0870 inclusive minutes you will not be charged for 0870 calls at certain times. If you are in doubt, please check your call plan terms with your provider before making a call or simply make a short call for less than a minute and check on your online bill details/breakdown to ensure that your 0870 call package minutes are inclusive.

Terms and Conditions: Ask bill payer’s permission before using the service. Calls are billed per minute, include VAT & apply from the moment of connection. The charge is incurred even if the destination number is engaged or the call is not answered. Please replace the handset if the calls are engaged or unanswered. Service provider: Evolcom Telecom Ltd. 2 Wenlock road, London, N1 7GU. Helpline: Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm on 0303 0310 227.


Call from Vodafone, O2, Orange, T-Mobile or 3G to Pakistan from just 2p per min using text credit and calling via an 03 access number access number. Minutes shown based on single use of call credit.

Call Rate
Pakistan landlines
2p per minute
Pakistan Mobiles
2.5p per minute

Its really simple to use. Just do the following:

How to call Pakistan using Top up Text Credit

1. Send the Text message CCD to the number 80077 for £5 call credit.

2. Dial the access number 0207 124 6666 followed by 00 + 92 + Pakistan destination number

Terms and Conditions:You must have a UK mobile and have the bill payer's permission. This is a reverse-billed text service, cost of text to 80077 or 67400 will be charged at £5.00 or £10.00 plus your standard network text charge. A confirmation text informing you that your mobile has been charged with the relevant amount will be sent shortly thereafter. Calls billed per minute, include VAT & apply from the moment of connection. The charge when calling the access number – if access number isn’t inclusive in your minutes bundle - is incurred even if the destination number is engaged or the call is not answered but no charge will occur on your topup calling credit. Connection fee is twice the per minute call rate (max 30p). Calls to 03 number cost standard rate to a landline and can be used as part of the inclusive minutes. Rates are subject to change without prior notice. Service Provider: New Call Telecom Ltd, customer service number: 033 3321 8705


Mobile Calls Access Number
The access number for call credit received by text is: 0207 124 6666

Cost of calls to the 0207 124 6666 number can be used as part of your mobile inclusive minutes or will be charged at your standard mobile rate to a landline.

That's it! You get our great rates without having to open an account or give out your credit card details. Start saving right here!

Mobile Calls Frequent Asked Questions - Click Here

Please see text credit Terms & Conditions before you call.

Pakistan Country Dialling Code - 0092





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